I am the one you are looking for


I’m Fabián Leone,
Argentinian-based Graphic Designer.
Interested in video edition and entertaining industry


Fabian has been working at SH1FT for around 3 months now, and he has
performed beyond our expectations. He has demonstrated great ability to learn
new topics and has not been scared of any task we have given him.
He has performed in a various line of work so far:

  • Watched courses & inspiration on design and advertising on social media
  • Learned to perfect his motion design skills for client work
  • Worked on branding for SH1FT and several clients
  • Created content for social media
  • Learned how to do competitor research before building creatives
  • Created stills and videos for advertising
Dorian Reeves

Co-Founder, SH1FT Digital

My Skills

Here are the main graphic design knowledge of myself

Web Design

  • HTML 5 & CSS 3
  • JavaScript & Jquery
  • Bootstrap Framework
  • PHP & WordPress Development
  • Visual constructor such as Divi and Elementor

Graphic Design

  • Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator
  • Adobe After Effects & Premiere
  • Adobe Animate
  • Knowledge of the principles of color and composition


  • Commissions made it for Twitch Streamers
  • Certificated courses of Traditional Painting
  • Vector character animations

Let's work together

Just send me a message to know more of me or ask me for more information.