Case of study

Xbox Game Pass – Launcher

Sector: Videogames
Challenge: My objective was to redesign the old xbox game pass launcher to something more appealing for gamer users. I used Steam and Epic Games as main reference in order to reorganize the structure of the plataform.


This is a personal project where I redesign the Game Pass launcher from Microsoft. This service allows you to play a huge library of games and there is also a store to buy them.

My goal was to make this more organizated when you have a lot of games installed. I took some references from Steam and Epic Games.


In this page I did big changes like removing the left and right sidebars. My intention was to center the attention to the products and display the games with other design. Also in this design I proposed a section of the store where curators from Microsoft or from the world of gaming recommend games.

BONUS – Shared account

The following concept designs are based on recent news from Microsoft announcing that they were going to include an account sharing system similar to Netflix

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