Case of study

Recruitment agency – Web design

Sector: Recruitment agency, HR
Challenge: This client needed a website to promote their services of personal recruitment for companies.
My role: Web designer, freelancer
Project time: 2 months


It is important to know that this client’s service was mainly for a European public mostly located in Germany. It is very common in this country to make websites focusing on texts showing what you know to do as detailed as possible. With that being said, we worked with a copywriter to be able to tell a story paying special attention to the text, explaining how they worked, its results and recounting experiences.

Due to this, I had to solve the problem of making the focus of the design pass through the text and give movement and interaction to it. That’s why I used a lot of sliders, scroll animations, and hover animations.

Custom assets

My client really likes the low poly design style. Therefore, because we couldn’t find the assets that he needed, i also had the task of illustrating his ideas following this type of art.