Waltic Ecological Company

Client: Waltic Way

For this client, a lot of detail was done to the design since it is a fundamental piece of his philosophy.
A WordPress CMS system was used in conjunction with a tool called Divi that provides a lot of flexibility for designing and this tool fully applies the WooCommerce functionalities to carry out an ecommerce in the future.
Anyway, no premade template was used for this design to achieve the client’s interestings and purposes.


Drag & Drop

In this case, the site was developed with Divi. A very versatile visual tool to design

One Page Design

Due to the interests of the client, the entire web was made on one page to facilitate reading and the impact of the visitor

Ecommerce Upgrade

Beyond the simplicity of the site, it was developed with certain tools, to easily convert it into an ecommerce.

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