Geek News Website

Client: SrGeek

This site has the particularity of using a CMS system called WordPress, combined with a Drag and Drop tool called Elementor.
Together they achieve great flexibility when it comes to designing. Also it is a very easy tool to understand for people who is not very much into web design.
With these tools i created an website that is really easy to use for a group of people who daily update their site with reviews and news about films and videogames.
Anyway, no premade template was used for this design to achieve the client’s interestings and purposes.



Drag & Drop

This site is developed with elementor, an excellent tool for designing without knowledge, which easily allows you to add blog and entries.

Users Roles

This site also has multiple accounts with different ranges so that each of them can contribute to the growth of the site

Automated Optimization

Due to the high demand for files that are uploaded daily, the site is configured in such a way that it is optimized according to the file transfer rate

Let's work together

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