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Product Design for fiwind

Featured case of study

In short, I witnessed an extraordinary growth trajectory for the company, skyrocketing from 5K users to over 300K+ (last checked 14/06/24).

Crucially, I led key decisions, including a new design for their branding’s art direction, which played a pivotal role in enhancing the platform’s visual identity and user engagement. Furthermore, I actively collaborated with the marketing, engineering teams, and stakeholders in order to align my design approaches and create the best possible outcome.

Some quantitative data that you may want to know, which our team successfully achieved, are as follows:

  • ✅ We have an average user growth rate of 15.94% per month.
  • ✅ We achieved an average user activation rate of 52.60% per month.
  • ✅ We received positive feedback on surveys and valuable resources for future updates and improvements.
  • ✅ We reached a Google Play Store & App Store score of 4.8 with more than 2K reviews.

Open my Figma files

fiwind app example screenshotfiwind web app example screenshot


Here are some examples of my high-fidelity designs focusing on the main core function of the product: the exchange.


exchange crypto example mockupexchange crypto preview example mockupexchange crypto final screen example mockup


web mockup convertir


Fiwind Pay

Use your cryptocurrencies to pay at a grocery store using NFC with a virtual card, or simply pay for services. These products facilitate automatic conversion just before payment.


fiwind card examplepaying services using cryptochoose your coin to pay


web mockup paying with crypto


Marketing Website

I were in charge of design a marketing website to promote their product.



One of the main flows of the product occurs when you need to deposit fiat or cryptocurrencies into your account..


deposit coins first screendeposit fiat exampledeposit crypto example


web mockup deposit fiat



And, of course, we also implemented withdrawal flows to provide users with the freedom to manage their balances as they wish.


withdraw first step to add a bank accountwithdraw ingress your amountwithdraw final screen


web mockup withdraw



We also provide our users with the functionality to annually make passive investments using their cryptocurrency balance.


investment welcome screeninvestment example 12 months screenInvestment last month screen


web mockup invetment


Fiwind is a cryptocurrency exchange based in Argentina. They offer a complete product that allows you to convert our local Argentine peso into any cryptocurrency you want. Additionally, they provide an innovative way to use cryptocurrencies for payment, such as scanning QR codes at local businesses or paying bills using crypto.


The project commenced in late 2021, marked by collaborative kickoff meetings involving Product and Engineering teams to delineate essential tasks. Initially, the product team had developed a rudimentary prototype, setting the stage for my role to enhance the design and optimize the user flow.

Subsequently, I meticulously synthesized the provided information and charted a strategic roadmap encompassing the following objectives:


  • Created comprehensive user personas representing various segments of potential clients to gain deeper insights into their needs and preferences.
  • Developed empathy maps to visualize user behavior and emotions, facilitating a nuanced understanding of their interactions with the product.
  • Conducted thorough market research to analyze competitors and identify opportunities for differentiation.


  • Crafted user stories to elucidate the who, what, and why behind users’ motivations to engage with the product.
  • Constructed user journey maps to explore and refine the user flow, ensuring a seamless and intuitive experience.


  • Facilitated collaborative brainstorming sessions with stakeholders to align business requirements with user needs.
  • Engaged with engineers to delineate technical feasibility and constraints, informing the ideation process.
  • Leveraged rapid sketching techniques to generate diverse design concepts and explore potential solutions.


  • Created a structured sitemap to establish a navigational hierarchy, providing clarity and direction in the design process.
  • Developed both low-fidelity and high-fidelity prototypes using Figma, iteratively refining and validating design concepts.


  • Conducted internal testing sessions with cross-functional team members to gather initial feedback and identify areas for improvement.
  • Leveraged surveys to collect qualitative insights from target users, facilitating iterative refinement based on user feedback.

To streamline project management and ensure effective collaboration, I meticulously documented the entire roadmap using Notion and utilized Asana dashboard to organize and prioritize tasks, ensuring seamless execution of the design process.

My Role

  • I was in charge of the design of flows, wireframes, and custom assets.
  • Collaborated with engineering and marketing teams to achieve project objectives.
  • Created an identity system in order to establish clear branding for art direction.
  • Create a comprehensive UI Kit, incorporating components to build a library of assets for scalability purposes.
  • Conducted UX Researches to gain insights into our objectives, pain points, and future updates.
  • Collaborated with data analysts to gather important user data and create a dashboard for further studies.


We used different tools and software to accomplish all these tasks.

Some of the tools we used include:

  • Figma
  • Slack, Asana, Jira
  • Miro, Notion
  • Google Suite (Sheets, Docs, Drive, etc.)
  • Looker Studio, Hotjar, Adjust
  • Survey Monkey and Typeform
  • Webflow and WordPress

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