Case of study

Crypto exchange – App

Sector: Cryptocurrency, Finance
Challenge: They had a mobile cryptocurrency finance application that their users did not completely understand how to use, and apart from that, they wanted to add new features.
My role: Main Senior UX&UI Designer, Web designer, Product Designer.
Project time: 4 months


In the app, you can buy, sell, send or receive cryptocurrencies, including fiat. When they hired me, they needed somebody who could redesign the actual app and add new features to it.

I was asked to follow a minimalist design using a dark mode. They targeted a mass audience new to cryptocurrencies, but with basic financial knowledge. Their aim was not to limit the app just to the basic buying and selling functions.

I was in charge of reviewing the entire flow of the app so that it coincided with the new aesthetic style that was sought. Therefore, I had to redesign practically everything, and with the help of some front ends, test the possible scenarios.

Some features to highlight are that I did more than 100 different designs for this app and I had the help of some fellow designers that made some contributions to brainstorms and gave me feedback and suggestions.

General flow

New Featurings

During this project, I was asked to create new futures that weren’t initially thought. It was a challenging project where I had to make a lot of research, study their competitors and make tests and changes to suit their available resources.

Below you will see some of the main new features. There is a lot to be seen, this is just an example that illustrates the app`s regular main flow.

01 / 03 – New featurings


02 / 03 – New featurings

QR Payments

03 / 03 – New featurings

Lightning Network

Custom assets

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